Furnace and Vent Cleaning

What Can You Expect With Edmonton Furnace and Carpet Care?

  • Initial walkthrough. Your technician(s) will do an initial inspection and advise you of their findings to determine what services will be completed.
  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Home! Drop sheets, moving blankets, corner guards and register covers are used as needed. Our technician(s) will remove their shoes while inside your home. If preferred, you may request they wear disposable shoe covers instead.
  • Sectioned Cleaning. System is cleaned in sections using Power-Whip technology to ensure no duct/vent is left uncleaned.
  • Thorough Ductwork Cleaning. 175 PSI Power-Whips are used in hot air vents and cold air returns for a thorough, full-system clean.
  • The Finale! Your furnace motor is tested to ensure ignition and fan operation. We also clean the water tank chamber of your hot water tank as well as your humidifier.

We love answering your question!

If at any time during your appointment you have questions, please ask! We love showing our customers the work we do and helping people better understand their furnace system and the importance of regular cleaning.

Power-Whip Cleaning Technique

At Edmonton Furnace and Carpet Care, we use the Power-whip furnace and air duct cleaning method to ensure direct surface contact cleaning. This technique combines the benefits of old technology brush cleaning with the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems. Our set up offers proper cleaning while eliminating the risk of damage to the inside of your ductwork since there are no bristles to catch on which damages the ducting! A lot of our equipment comes directly from one of the industries leading equipment vendors – HyperVac Technologies. We are proud HyperVac Technology customers!